“When thinking about this mix, i can mostly remember this disgusting mediterranean heatwave that breaks us apart every July and August. It drives all the mosquitos nuts and they attack like crazy (without even trying to hold on to their usual manners). It’s that kind of heat that makes all food smell like shit, families become estranged, fat people thin and dreams turn into nightmares.

But i really loved the procedure. The sole constraint that i imposed myself with, was that it has to be only vinyl that i have here in Milan. The best (i.e. biggest) part of my collection still resides in my hometown in Greece, and most of the records i buy here is material that i am using for sampling.

My turntable is a portable Numark PT-01 with a really worn-out stylus, but i must admit that i am in love with it’s low-mid sound. All you have to do is run it through a decent compressor, and everything melts together perfectly. The only issue was that i had to rip each track from the records, and then actually do the mix in Ableton. I decided to put some non-vinyl tracks in there, namely some excerpts from my Rhythm Profiles project, which consist only of percussive and rhythmic tools.”LARRY GUS