“when i was digging a lot in montreal, back when ebay was just starting to be a marketplace for records and prices were about to go global, there were still a lot of dollar stores. the good kinds. giants with mountains of the dirty unwanted. it was a filthy haven where clerks were understanding when you needed to wash your hands at checkout. me and my buddy chris, we used to hit all the spots. marche du disques et livres. that place in the basement on mount royal. the filthy pigs in the basement of st. catherine street who had all the porn and always tried to overcharge, saying things like – “well you know the beastie boys were in here last week. they got lots of good stuff. they didn’t complain about our prices.” so many yard sales and whole collections up for grabs. chris got an entire club’s collection for 600 CDN. he then sold one of those record for 650 US on ebay. yeah that’s when things started to change. used to be that the only real freaks were the rock guys. and they all knew each other. but now, the digital marketplace was opening up the city to the world. it made sense to get those crummy disco 12″s and turn them over online. at least it made sense to some. but i digress. don’t want to sound like a crusty old-timer. truth is i wouldn’t know half the stuff i do now if it weren’t for all the free education that webbings offer. so back to the story. i was done digging upstairs at the second marche location. after they moved to mount royal. i was about to cash out when i saw a box of freshly arrived 7s. what the hell, i thought. it wasn’t so kind to me upstairs, so i take a peek. tons of stuff i don’t recognise. but every so often, something would stand out. and i’m pulling this and that, here and there. the box must have around 1000 7s in it. pretty big pile. more and more i keep seeing this name etched into the records: coco. and it’s on all the records i’ve pulled. and dozens i don’t know. coco . who is coco? what is coco!?! finally i have that fuck it moment and i ask the clerk/manager who happens to be right there at the moment – how much for the whole box? good thing it was the manager, he had to make the call. at the time 12s were a buck, 7s were 10 cents each. so he counts 10, makes a rough measurement between his forefinger and thumb and kind of hovers this over the rest of the records. he mumbled some numbers. finally he says – “ah… let’s say 5 bucks. … ” well, i almost barfed. my heart started pumping very quickly and i did my best to appear calm. to be honest, i almost yelped. i do my best not to scream OK! but he sees i’m a little excited. so, cool as a cucumber, he says “plus tax, of course”. of course, i say, and he way overcharges me with a total of 5.75. for roughly 1000 7s. my friends had to help me carry it back home!! that was the day i discovered the fatback band. nanette workman. celebration records. and so so so so so many more… i wondered for a while who coco was. someone suggested he might have been a radio jockey who recently passed away. would have made sense, there was a lot of french pop in there. almost half. le telephone 75 still haunts me. anyway, none of those records are on this mix… just seemed like a nice story about success in the wild =) keep digging yo” — THE MOLE